Nutrition Counselling, Coaching and Consulting             to help everyone be          well fed. 

Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator services to bring clarity, wellness and joy to your individual, family and community food challenges. 

Do you struggle to make sense of your nutrition needs during pregnancy? Is your relationship with food and your body strained?

The sheer volume of information out there is overwhelming.

Ditch the diets and the newest trends and focus on the most important things. Work with a compassionate Registered Dietitian who makes nutrition education accessible, affordable and approachable. Choose the service or resource that best fits your needs, and let’s get started. 


Let’s Work Together

Online Nutrition Counselling

Individual Support

Through Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

  • Four core services to help you understand and meet your energy and nutrient needs during each season of motherhood.
  • Tailored recommendations to reduce your risk or manage conditions associated with pregnancy and postpartum with my CORE 4 Approach.
  • Nurture your relationship with food and your body by exploring intuitive eating principles and unpacking diet culture’s influence.
  • Individualized goals and strategies to manage your health and nourish your body as you navigate motherhood.
Free or Low Cost


Evidence-based, No BS

  • Guides that help you build nourishing meals, ditch diet culture, and support your health journey, including the Not So Fancy series.
  • Tools to help you learn and apply key nutrition principles you can carry through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 
  • Courses that allow you access to a Registered Dietitian for a fraction of the cost. 


    For every step of your journey through Motherhood.

      • Trusted, evidence-based information to help you understand food, nutrition and health information during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.
      • Easy-to-read articles that help you feel confident about your food choices without a side of diet culture.


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      hi there!

      I’m Courtney

      Mother, Registered Dietitian & Public Health Educator

       I am a mom to two young kids, passionate about moving my body, making family meals easy, and recovering from disordered eating. 

      Social media, wellness influencers and the newest trends make it impossible to feel confident or comfortable about food choices. Couple that with the messiness of diet culture and disordered eating, and I see an opportunity to shift nutrition education in the prenatal and postpartum space.

      Get Clarity & Feel Confident

      A Tailored, Individual Support Process


      Step 1:

      Initial Assessment & Recommendations

      An in-depth assessment of health, medication, supplements, labs (if provided), lifestyle, dietary intake, food and body relationships, environmental factors, goals, and concerns. Receive a personalized report of recommendations and suggested next steps.

      Step 2:

      Education & Behaviour Change Support

      Focused sessions to support food and nutrition behaviour change through nutrition counselling and enhanced knowledge and skills.

      Step 3:

      Final Reflection & Exit Strategy

      An assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities gained throughout the Individual Support Process. An exit strategy and next steps to support you on your journey through motherhood.

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