Nurturing Women’s Health with Compassionate Online Nutrition Counselling 

Reclaim your health through gentle nutrition 

Don’t know who to trust regarding food and your health?

Feeling confused and overwhelmed about the sheer volume of information out there?

Work with a compassionate dietitian who is changing how we understand food and our bodies. Feel empowered, supported, and confident when learning about and meeting your nutrition needs through all stages of your life with gentle nutrition principles. Whether 1:1, at your own pace, or using one of our low-cost or free resources, Stonehouse Nutrition will help transform your health and relationship with food with our online nutrition counselling services.


Let’s Work Together

Individual (Virtual & In-Person)

1:1 Online Nutrition Counselling

Women’s Health & Chronic Conditions

  • A compassionate assessment and behaviour change coaching experience to support your journey.
  • Integrate key nutrition principles, meet essential nutrient needs, and nurture your relationship with food and your body through gentle nutrition. 
In-Person & Online


Essential nutrition education and support.

  • Our health care system has left out nutrition education in our care and management of our health. 
  • Learn the education, identify the tools, and practice the skills to care for yourself with gentle nutrition principles. 


    Making food and nutrition make sense

      • Trusted, evidence-based information to help you understand agriculture, food, health, motherhood, and chronic conditions. 
      • A sprinkle of personal stories on motherhood, disordered eating, and fitness.


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      hi there!

      I’m Courtney

      Mother, Registered Dietitian & Public Health Educator

       I am a mom to two young kids, passionate about moving my body, making family meals easy, and recovering from disordered eating. 

      I sincerely believe that we have failed women by not centering nutrition education during the many milestones of our lives. Couple that with the messiness of diet culture and disordered eating, and I see an opportunity for change.

      4 Steps to Clarity & Freedom

      The Online Compassionate Nutrition Counselling Approach


      Step 1:

      Discovery Call

      An informal and relaxed conversation to see if we can support you on your health journey and, if together, would be a good fit.

      Step 2:

      Initial Assessment

      An in-depth assessment of health, medication, supplements, labs (if provided), lifestyle, dietary intake, food and body relationships, environmental factors, goals, and concerns.

      Step 3:

      Goal Setting & Exploration

      Intentional sessions to set realistic goals, explore and challenge our beliefs around food, health, and body, and create a plan for success.

      Step 4:

      Nutrition Education & Behaviour Change

      Focused sessions support food and nutrition behaviour change through nutrition counselling and enhanced knowledge and skills.

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